Kickstarter campaign for playmats is on!

Welcome back everybody. We are happy to announce that Hat-Trick is back on Kickstarter.

Being a regular here, you probably know about the playmats for Hat-Trick. If not, just read the previous post and everything should be clear. Shortly speaking, you can get a pitch-like playmat to play Hat-Trick on. It costs €23 (we had to include Kickstarter fees) and depending on the number of Stretch Goals unlcoked, you will be paying for shipment between €0 and €10. That’s right – if we collect enough backers, shipping is free; and we mean tracked worldwide shipping.

One might think that this is a campaign is only for those who own Hat-Trick, but that’s not the case. The Stretch Goals not only reduce your shipping costs but at the same time give you significant discounts in our store – even up to €10. So provided we unlock all of them, you will get a playmat with no shipping costs and a discount worth €10. Is there a better way to launch your Hat-Trick career?

And remember, we have a solo variant, so even if you have nobody to play Hat-Trick with on your new playmat, that’s no longer a problem. Go here and read everything about it.

What else can we say? Spread the word, unlock all the Stretch Goals and get yourself all those discounts.

Oh, and check out the campaign 🙂